"This book is a must read for marketers looking to deliver real results to their organization.
Wilkey really gets the ROI and gives you a pathway to deliver it."
– Marques McCammon, Chief Marketing Officer, Aptera Motors

Success Made Simple…

That is the purpose of Formula Marketing.

Is marketing a mystery? Do you want to reach new customers, but you
are not sure of the best way to go about it? Have you tried everything
and have little to show for your efforts? Do your marketing dollars seem
to disappear into a black hole?

Formula Marketing takes the mystery out of marketing. It provides you
with a sound, proven approach to designing your marketing plan. It
provides you with clear results and helps you to select the marketing
tactics that will achieve your business goals.

Formula Marketing drives results, increases revenue, and saves money.
It helps you to build your corporate brand. It allows you to develop
winning marketing strategies and create a marketing matrix that
provides you with an optimized ROI.

In short, Formula Marketing works.

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